Hot Mess

Wow. Here’s my girl Deelishis, winner of the second season of “Flavor of Love.” Apparently bikini tops are the hot new trend in bowling wear. I can only imagine how those rented shoes must look with this ensemble.


5 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. In bowler’s terms, that is what’s known as a “4-10 split.”

  2. myrtlebeachbum

    I see stretch marks. I have them, too, but I don’t bowl in my bikini.

    OK OK I do, but never with a 12 pound ball. That’s just lame.

  3. should I be mildly impressed or utterly horrified that she chose the bowling ball to match her necklace to match her bikini to match her eyeshadow?

  4. I think all the matching messes up the whole “Oh hai, I just walked in off the beach and thought I’d bowl a few frames” look she’s going for.

  5. Well, this makes me feel better about my own unfortunate stretch marks at least.

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