Knight in Shining Armor

So, I just saw “The Dark Knight,” and guys, it was awesome! Clocking in at around three hours, the movie still flies by and even though I desperately had to go to the bathroom, I could not leave my seat for fear of missing something. Every actor gave amazing performances, but as many have already said, the late Heath Ledger was phenomenal. His joker was scary, funny and above and beyond anything the cartoonish Jack Nicholson ever thought of being. If he earns an Oscar for this performance, it will certainly be justified because his performance was completely amazing.


8 responses to “Knight in Shining Armor

  1. You are so right. Heath Ledger totally owned the movie.

  2. See I’ve been toying with writing a blog on this movie, since I saw it at a Saturday matinee. I don’t think he needs an Oscar for that. I’d argue that he should have gotten an Oscar for a future performance he never got to deliver because he died, and if you give it to him now you’re saying this was it. No, I think he was just getting really good. I’d nominate him, but not give it to him, thus acknowledging that he had so much more ahead of him. But perhaps I overthink this.

  3. dorothyzbornak

    Well, I personally thought he deserved an Oscar for his “Brokeback Mountain” performance. I think if he gets one this time around though, it won’t be unjust or simply because he died. His performance was both disturbingly dark and mischievously funny–just the right mix for this kind of villain. And it’s a tough mix to pull off (just ask Jack Nicholson, who was too busy being a cartoon, chewing scenery to get the scary part of being a villain down).

  4. I would have given it to him for Brokeback Mountain, too. At the time, when he lost (I don’t know if I saw it before or after, I think after because I saw it on DVD) I thought well he’ll have other chances. Dang, and now he won’t. At least not while he’s alive.

    Saturday night I was IMing with a friend and he told me the original Batman was on. I didn’t want to watch it. I still don’t. I want this to stick in my head for a bit longer. I’ve never seen the Burton-helmed first two, just Batman Forever, which was OK but nothing compared to Dark Knight, and Batman and Robin which….no. Bad. Made Clooney look bad, for heaven’s sake.

  5. dorothyzbornak

    Yeah, these latest two movies just make all the older ones look so silly. I like that these are darker and more serious, with villains who play their roles with a little more subtlety than they did in the older films.

  6. silentremembrance

    I like Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker – dark, funny, menacing, unpredictable. That’s how The Joker supposes to be.

  7. Thank you for not giving away any spoilers. I’m seeing it Friday! But I had to read your post either way.

  8. dorothyzbornak

    Yeah, I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone. But I can’t help gushing about how great it was. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

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