Freaky Friday Flashback

Happy Friday y’all! Once again, the weekend is almost here and it’s time to take a look back at a classic WTF? moment in pop culture. This week, we’re getting extra freaky and going back to 1997, for one of the most salacious sex scandals (say that three times in a row!) of the ’90s. No, I’m not talking Monica and Bill, I’m talking Marv and his teeth.

In 1997, famed sportscaster and the voice of the NBA on NBC, Marv “Yes!” Albert went on trial for felony charges of forcible sodomy that included excessive biting. Apparently ol’ Marv is a freak who likes it rough–the things she accused Albert of included using her mouth as a human toilet, excessively long periods of face-sitting, engaging in a threesome with her and another man while he wore women’s underwear and of course, biting her 15 times on the back. DNA tests proved the bite marks belonged to Albert and he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges. NBC fired him, but eventually rehired him for the 2000-2001 season.


3 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. Ethan Edwards

    engaging in a threesome with her and another man??? Marv Albert is gay??? Whats funny is that that ABC is going to have Freak Friday on Saturday.

  2. @EE: Best avatar ever, Blondie.

    I just had to picture Marv naked. I need a shower.

  3. dorothyzbornak

    Not totally naked–he had on ladies’ underwear. Ha, so gross!

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