LC Gets Dumped Again reports that trendy L.A. store Kitson has dropped Lauren Conrad’s clothing line due to lagging sales and a lack of hands-on attention from Conrad. According to the People report, Kitson owner Fraser Ross said, “Celebrity clothing lines are a tough sell as it is, and you have to promote your line just as you would an album or a TV show.” He went on to say,“Lauren has been on Robertson three times since her clothing line launched but she couldn’t pop by to say hello to the sales staff that sell her line to her fans.”

Conrad launched her collection of dresses and other casual wear last year. The designs, many of which are named after friends such as Hills/Laguna Beach star Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, are the kind of stuff you’d find at Forever 21 or H&M, just more expensive. I guess this is a lesson for Conrad: Just being on the Hills probably won’t make you the next Diane Von Furstenberg.

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