Fight Night

He didn’t have the gun or the mustache at the time, but Josh Brolin obviously had the ass-kicking swagger when he got into a bar brawl this weekend in Shreveport, LA. The “No Country for Old Men” actor, in Shreveport filming the Oliver Stone-helmed George W. Bush biopic, “W,” was arrested, along with co-star Jeffrey Wright and members of the film’s crew, after a fight broke out at the Stray Cat bar.

Photo by Splash News Online.

In the film, Brolin plays Bush and Wright plays former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Brolin was booked and released after posting a $334 cash bond, according to the Times of Shreveport.

No word yet on who fought who or what caused the skirmish, but it made me chuckle, as most celebrity bar fights do. These drunken scraps remind us that even though they star on the big screen, walk the red carpet and exist in a realm that seems removed from us common folk, they’re just as capable of getting shit-faced and thrown in the clink as the rest of us.

Here are a few more drunken brawlers for your viewing pleasure:

Image courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

Here’s my boy Vince Vaughn after getting into a fight outside a bar in Wilmington, NC. While in town shooting the film “Domestic Disturbance” in 2001, he and another fave of mine, Steve Buscemi, got into a scrap that sent Vaughn to jail and Buscemi to the hospital with stab wounds. Charges against Vaughn were later dropped and both guys seemed to rebound nicely.

Image courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

Here’s former “Dawson’s Creek” star Josh Jackson in 2002, after getting into a drunken brawl at a hockey game in Raleigh, NC. What’s up with these guys getting into it in my home state?

Apparently, Jackson got a little pickled at the Carolina Hurricanes game and tussled with a security guard.

What about you? Ever been in a really good, drunken fight? Or is there an awesome celebrity brawl I’ve missed? Tell it in the comments!


6 responses to “Fight Night

  1. Ahh, Shreveport. It’s always amused me that movies are filmed there, ranging from a Jessica Simpson “movie” to I think Denzel Washington’s The Great Debaters (at least part of it, anyway).

    I’d go there cause they had gambling and a Barnes and Noble. I’m easy to please, I guess. I did not get into any barfights, although I could have had free liquor at the casinos, I think.

  2. dorothyzbornak

    Do they give them tax breaks or something? Why are they always filming stuff there?

  3. I’m a bit amazed that Jeffrey Wright didn’t assume a different identity and disappear into the crowd. That guy can play any part.

  4. I guuess they must give em tax breaks. I think La. does have a pretty good set of breaks. Hmm. Still, I find it weird. I never ran into any famous people in Shreveport. Of course, they were probably upstairs gambling at the $100 bill machine. If I’d ran into J-Simp, I would have tripped her.

  5. What the hell kind of evil, evil person would stab Steve Buscemi??? Shame on them. They better hope I never find out who they are.

    (This comment brought to you by the girl who cried when Donny got shot in “The Big Lebowski.”)

  6. dorothyzbornak

    For real. Steve Buscemi is a national treasure. I love him so.

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