Man Bands Unite

Last week, the newly-reunited New Kids on the Block went into an L.A. studio to record a song with their brothers in boy-bandom, New Edition (minus Bobby Brown).

The song, “Full Service,” was penned by Donnie Wahlberg, producer Nadir “RedOne” Khawat and and New York disco diva Lady GaGa, and will appear on NKOTB’s new album.

I love this so much, mostly because I’ve had a long-standing argument with a good friend about NKOTB and NE. He says they’re nothing alike, I say they’re almost the same group. Note the similarities:

*Both were formed by ’80s producer/svengali Maurice Starr
*Both hail from Boston
*Both sang sugary pop songs about girls, such as NE’s “Candy Girl” and NKOTB’s “Cover Girl”
*Both relied heavily on choreographed dance moves during performances and in videos
*Both had a “bad boy” member (NE’s Bobby, NKOTB’s Donnie)
*Both had members who acted a fool on reality television (NE’s Bobby on “Being Bobby Brown” and “Gone Country,” NKOTB’s Jordan on “The Surreal Life” and “The Surreal Life: Fame Games”)
*Both had legions of young girls screaming and swooning at their concerts

But, I will admit that New Edition is probably the superior of the two musically and professionally, having managed to stick around far longer than NKOTB, as well as spawn successful solo performers (Bobby Brown, BelBivDevoe, Johnny Gill).

That said, who’s your favorite?


2 responses to “Man Bands Unite

  1. Lady Skittlehattington

    NKOTB are back!

    Hair plugs and Botox for everyone!

  2. i wanna suck donnie’s cock

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