You Stay Classy, Fox News

AP Photo.

The “fair and balanced” crew are at it again, this time rejecting taste and discretion for ratings. Last night, Fox News’ “Geraldo At Large” showed footage of the dead body of model Ruslana Korshunova, who fell to her death from a New York high-rise this past weekend, in an apparent suicide. The 20-year-old model appeared on European Vogue covers and walked in several high-profile fashion shows, including Marc Jacobs.

The show featured long shots of the model’s body, lying on the street, partially covered by a sheet. Knowing one showing isn’t enough to jack the ratings to their liking, they showed the footage again and again, in a half screen as Geraldo chatted with guests, and juxtaposed with footage of the model walking the runway.

This isn’t the first time Geraldo and the Fox crew have gone too far, lest we forget the Michelle Obama “baby mama” graphic. But do these people have no soul at all? This is just disgusting and beyond that, a poor excuse for journalism. Relying on the lowest, most sensational method of reporting a story is a hallmark of a weak journalist. How anyone still considers Fox News a reliable or reputable news source is completely beyond me. They’re truly a disgrace to their profession.


6 responses to “You Stay Classy, Fox News

  1. Lady Skittlehattington

    Fucking sick. Who shows something like that? I say that when Geraldo dies, we dress him in a tutu and let people throw rocks at him while others photograph the event.

    Revenge is best served up with rock throwing.

  2. It is so sad that television “journalism” a term I use very loosely displays itself like this. Geraldo just gets more and more desparate as the years slide on by him.

    It is a sorrowful event when someone, anyone has reached the depths of sorrow and think that death is the only answer. Respect that you assholes.

  3. And it is very sad when I have had just enough white vino to misspell “desperate “. But hey, rough day, good vino. 🙂

  4. Fox News is awful. Problem is, they have an audience that is growing. People really feel the way Fox reports news. Racist, sexist and immoral. That’s our country in a nutshell!

  5. good for you, ms pc. ms shocked and awed. why don’t you express some interest in the fact that the body was at least 60 feet down the street from the balcony and 35 feet out from the base of the building, instead of getting your little panties in a bunch about a brief image of dead girl.

  6. dorothyzbornak

    It really doesn’t matter where the body was. It was sensational and in poor taste to show the image on television, repeatedly (I don’t think multiple showings of the body are what one would consider brief). Thanks for playing, though.

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