Breaking Up is (Not) Hard to Do

You know how sometimes you break up with someone and your friends all tell you it’s OK because you totally dodged a bullet? Anne Hathaway’s pals must be telling her that exact thing right now.

The “Get Smart” actress’ ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, a shady financier, was just arrested on wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges. According to MSNBC, Follieri is awaiting an appearance in Manhattan federal court, accused of falsely telling an investor that he’d been appointed by the Vatican to manage its financial affairs. He claimed that because of this connection, he could offer investors sweet deals on US property owned by the church.

My guess is Anne had an inkling this was about to go down and got out while the gettin’ was good. But it remains to be seen whether she actually got away from him in time to prevent tarnishing her good-girl image. I’m betting she’ll end up needing some polish and a rag before it’s all over.


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