The Wii Diaries, Vol. 1: Maybe I’m a Little Too Old for This

Growing up in the ’80s, I sustained many injuries from childhood play. Skinned knees, knocked out teeth, splinters and busted lips were all par for the course for a child who liked to rough house with the boys just as much as she enjoyed a good afternoon of Barbies with the girls.

But there were other, less noticeable injuries, that hurt just as bad, and impeded my playtime joy just as much as a bloody knee or a loose tooth. The joystick wrist strain. The agonizing pain of thumb fatigue. The blurred vision from squinting at a tiny screen, trying to stack blocks just right.

Nintendo (and Atari) gave me and my pals our fair share of childhood injuries, and once my Nintendo went on the fritz (when even blowing in the end of the cartridges wouldn’t get them to work), I gave it, and video games up for good.

Or so I thought.

Then came this baby, and I gotta admit, I was excited. Not only were the sports games that came with it something I could actually play (I can’t figure out most new games, I’m tech challenged like that), but you could also download all the old school stuff, like Super Mario Brothers and Excite Bike! What more could you want?

We finally got one this weekend at my house and after kicking some major ass in the bowling game, and embarrassing myself on the golf game, I decided it was time to box.

After two rounds, I was hooked. After six rounds, I’d collapsed into a panting heap on the couch, unable to move my arms. Today, my arms, shoulders and back are so sore, I feel like I’ve been carrying sumo wrestlers on my back all weekend.

So yeah, I might be a little too old for this. But I won’t let that stop me, especially since we’re downloading Super Mario Brothers today. Thumb fatigue, here I come!


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