Just as we were finally drying our tears from Tim Russert’s untimely death, the reaper struck again, this time taking legendary comedian George Carlin. Carlin, who was 71, died of heart failure in Santa Monica yesterday, according to CNN.

Known and loved for his foul-mouthed humor, Carlin drew fans and controversy with bits like “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.”
Carlin was arrested after New York’s WBAI-FM radio aired the bit in 1973, which led to a landmark indecency case.

In addition to stirring controversy, Carlin enjoyed great success in television and movies, appearing on such shows as “The Simpsons,” his own show, “The George Carlin Show” and acting as the very first host of Saturday Night Live in October, 1975. Carlin was also set to receive the 2008 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, given by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts this November.

But for me, silly as it may be, this will always be my favorite Carlin appearance:

Good luck, George, on the next leg of your most excellent adventure.


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