It’s Friday, y’all! And in honor of this momentous occasion, I’d like to introduce Bubblegum Culture’s first series: Freaky Friday Flashback.

Every Friday, we’ll take a trip back through the annals of totally weird, WTF moments in pop culture. This week’s installment takes us all the way back to 1995. It was a simpler time, a time when we had a Clinton in the White House, when the economy was good, music was decent and a tank of gas didn’t cost you your first born.

It was also a time when you could watch the MTV Video Music Awards and actually see something worth talking about the next day. Or, in this case, throwing up about that night. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley kiss:

Seriously, WTF?

Happy Friday, y’all!


One response to “TGIF!

  1. There’s a mountain near my dad’s house called Petit Jean. I was visiting yesterday and “Petit Jean is not my lover” got stuck in my head. Seriously.

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