A Story of Redemption

One of my favorite shows, A&E’s “Intervention,” is back for a new season. The first episode, which aired this past Monday, featured Chad, a former pro cyclist who now lives on the streets because of his crack addiction. Like many of the subjects on the show, Chad was exemplary in his field, even cycling with the US Postal Service Team alongside Lance Armstrong. But a nasty attitude (brought on by deep-seeded issues from his parents’ divorce) got him booted from the team and into a life of panhandling, sleeping in bushes and smoking crack.

This may just say something about me and the people I’m friends with or related to, but one of the reasons I find this show so compelling is that the subjects are often like people I know. Right now, I can think of at least three people I know who could use an intervention of some sort. I mean, really, who hasn’t known someone in their life who got in a little too deep with drugs or alcohol? Be it that friend in college who drank just a little too much or that cousin no one talks about because she’s hooked on meth. And seeing the people on this show overcome their addictions and succeed, as Chad did, gives us hope that those we know will face their demons and get some help. Because if they don’t we know all too well what could happen.


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