The Golden Standard

This Sunday, TV Land airs their annual TV Land Awards at 9 p.m. While I’m still not exactly sure what kind of awards they give out at an awards show for old TV shows, I know I’ll probably tune in this year (or at least, DVR) for one very important reason–the GGs.

Sure, getting Vanessa Williams to host caught my eye since I love her so as Wilhelmina Slater on “Ugly Betty.” But “Ugly Betty” ain’t got a thing on my pretty Betty. And Rue. And Bea. Yes, the Golden Girls (sans Estelle Getty, who is ill and does not make public appearances) are scheduled to appear on the TV Land Awards.

Personally, I think they should receive and award for most awesome actresses of all time, or maybe recognition for starring in the greatest television show in the history of TV. A lot of people have tried to doubt my devotion, but you can’t argue with the facts: Emmy wins for each of the four actresses as well as the show as a whole, as well as Golden Globes, People’s Choice Awards, etc. Not to mention, they set the standard for countless shows and movies about friendships among women (a lovable slut, a naive innocent, a slightly bitter career woman and an observant sage–sound familiar?).

The Golden Girls stands up even today as one of the smartest, funniest shows on television. And while the clothes and hair may seem a bit dated (check the ensembles in the clip below), the jokes remain fresh and moments of friendship between the women never tarnish.


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