We Played Nintendo!

My local hip-hop radio station does this thing called the “20 Minute Workout,” where they play old school hip-hop from the ’90s (my favorite!) and ’80s from noon-12:20 each weekday. I happened to catch it the other day and they played one of my favorite middle school jams, “Iesha,” by Another Bad Creation (ABC):

The boys were part of the “East Coast Family” of groups started by New Edition’s Michael Bivins, which included Bel Biv Devoe, Boyz II Men and ABC.

After hearing the song, I wondered what the ABC kids were up to today. So, with the help of the interwebs, I found out they started their own label, Another Bad Creation, LLC, and released an album in 2006 titled, “Grady Baby Compilation.” You’ve probably never heard it though, because it never entered the charts.

Oh, and here’s what they look like today:

The years–they have not been kind.


2 responses to “We Played Nintendo!

  1. No kidding…poor Ro Ro.

  2. “Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD!”

    “Iesha” was rad, but “Playground” was my roller-skating JAM!

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