There’s a new episode of Ghost Hunters tonight on the Sci-Fi Network at 9 p.m.

I’m really into the study of the paranormal, not to mention scary stuff, and this is one of the only shows on the subject worth watching. Unlike a lot of so-called “ghost hunting” shows (I’m looking at you “Paranormal State”) the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) guys don’t rely on a bunch of fake sounds and staged moments to make their show scary. They go into cases with a scientific, skeptical approach, attempting to debunk claims of ghostly activity (which they do often, it helps having two plumbers leading your crew) rather than believing every tale of scary encounters fed to them by the owners of the locations they visit. The fact that they regularly have shows where they find no evidence of a haunting, and then debunk most of the claims with logical explanations, makes the instances where they do find evidence of paranormal activity all the more compelling. There have been some really great ones–the EVP (electronic voice phenomena, disembodied voices/sounds captured on audio equipment) of old timey music playing in a saloon in Tombstone, the video of a shadowy figure peeping over the railing of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, the infrared image of a man standing in the basement of an old morgue–but last week’s EVP of a man speaking, which occurred right as a team member saw an apparition appearing, was pretty good. Check it out here:

And as you can see from the clip, the bonus reason to watch the show is the relationships between the members of the team. They joke around and fight like family members, which is much more interesting to watch than the usual contrived drama of reality shows. To learn more about the show and the team, check out their page on the Sci-Fi Network’s website:


2 responses to “Boo!

  1. I don’t really understand the “science” behind ghost hunting. Like, who say that ghosts produce electromagnetic fields? Why is the EVP scanner (or whatever) the best way to “find” a “ghost”. The whole thing is dubious to me.

    Oh, and I’ve never seen an ep of this show where they find anything even remotely paranormal/scary, so I rarely watch it. Which is a shame, b/c I love ghostly stuff.

    Somebody needs to do a video mashup of every crazy thing they find on this show, so I can just watch that and cut out the 45+ minutes of nothing really happening. I’d be really into that.

  2. They should call in Jennifer Love Hewitt to help them. She *always* catches the ghosts on her show.

    (Seriously, it’s a good show if you like ghosts. I am ashamed to admit I occasionally Tivo it!)

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