Confessions of a Pop Culture Junkie

A few weeks ago, I was at a local bar with my boyfriend and his friends, playing NTN trivia. My boy’s best friend is a trivia nut, so he loves to dazzle us with his impressive body of knowledge. He was kicking ass, as usual, until the “Pop” category came up. It was my time to shine.

As I knocked out every single question with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy–Which Long Island mom was recently named “Mother of the Year?” Dina Lohan, of course. Which starlet recently married her on-again, off-again boyfriend in secret? Jessica Alba, fools–my boyfriend’s friend, and everyone else playing trivia, were astounded. How did I know all that stuff? And why?

I get a lot of grief for it, but there’s something in me that lives for pop culture. I love celebrity gossip, entertainment news and pop nostalgia more than any person should. I consume factoids about Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Brangelina like food: it feeds me, it sustains me, and sometimes, it makes me feel a little bloated and ready to puke.

So, in the interest of purging some of that bubbly knowledge, and maybe helping your bar trivia scores, I give you Bubblegum Culture.




One response to “Confessions of a Pop Culture Junkie

  1. london_calling

    Yay, another blog to fill my day with. And, I have proudly answered the trivia question “What is the common thing between these three names: Sweet Kisses, Irresistable, A Public Affair”. I may have lost the respect of my friends, but I got the question right.

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